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Giro d’Italia: After Stage 12

Another update on the overl GC standings: Things are clearly more tightly packed at the front this year, certainly compared to 2010. That said, the folks at the back are losing time at a faster rate than last year, it seems.

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Giro d’Italia: After Stage 10

A slightly different look at things this time, broken down by team, through Stage 10 (yesterday). This one’s a little big, so you can click on it for the full version.

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Giro d’Italia – After Stage 8

I’ve been a little distracted lately, so I haven’t been as organized with the cycling data. Also, when you only do something once a year (or so) it’s pretty shocking how much better at coding you get in a year. My cycling code was a God-Awful mess, which is being slowly improved. As usual, these […]

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Tour de France Wrap-Up

The final installment of the 2011 Tour de France graphs, and what a fun race that was this year! Plenty of excitement (for some not so fun reasons) early on and then plenty of exciting racing towards the end. Good stuff… As usual, you can click on them for slightly larger versions. Here’s the same […]

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Tour de France Attrition Rates

Fellow blogger (and, full disclosure, good friend) Cosmo kind of stirred things up a bit with post regarding attrition rates in this year’s Tour. My cycling blogging has been mostly just for fun, as I’m not much of a cycling expert, so I mostly do it to entertain those folks who enjoy mixing sports, numbers […]

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Tour de France Graphs

The Tour de Carnage France is well underway. I planned to post a few graphs on Monday, the Tour’s first rest day, but a skiing post took precedence. So these graphs run through yesterday’s Stage 10. As usual with these cycling posts I’m not going to say much. I’m just putting the graphs out there […]

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Giro d’Italia: Stage 21

Final Giro post! First we have the final picture for the whole race: and a higher quality version here. And then we have the breakdown by teams: And the matching high quality version here. Finally, some higher quality graphs looking at some folks who competed in both this and last year’s Giro and who did […]

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