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Career Retrospective: Claudia Nystad (Kuenzel)

A late addition to the skier retirement series is German Claudia Nystad (before she married she raced under the name Claudia Kuenzel; FIS hyphenates her name, so I will too). Kuenzel-Nystad has quite a few Olympic and World Championship medals, although most of them were in relays.  She has 8 medals (all gold and silver) […]

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Career Retrospective: Virpi Kuitunen

Finnish skier Virpi Kuitunen is among the group of retiring skiers this year and she’s next in line for a retrospective look at her career. First we need to dispense with the issue of doping.  Kuitunen was caught using a banned blood plasma expander at the 2001 World Championships in Lahti, Finland.  She received a […]

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Career Retrospective: Sara Renner

Next up in our retiring skier series is Sara Renner.  Renner (CAN) retired this past season after competing internationally for around 16 years.  She earned a Gold Silver medal at the Turin games in the Team Sprint event with Beckie Scott, but wasn’t quite as fortunate in individual events. (Update: Sorry for the typo!) However, along […]

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Career Retrospective: Anna Olsson

Next up in my series of skier retirements is the Swedish sprinter Anna Olsson (prior to marrying teammate Johan Olsson in 2008 she competed using her maiden name, Dahlberg). Compared to the other skiers I’ve profiled, Olsson’s career was relatively short, stretching from 2001 to the present.  Also, as I’ve sort of given away in […]

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Career Retrospective: Sabina Valbusa

Continuing with our look at retiring skiers… Italian veteran Sabina Valbusa is hanging up the skis.  Skiing runs in her family: she is the younger sister of Fulvio Valbusa.  Not only that, she’s been racing for quite some time now:  I have results for her dating from 1993 up to 2010. The five time Olympian […]

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Career Retrospective: Rene Sommerfeldt

Long time German skier Rene Sommerfeldt is retiring this year.  His international career spans roughly 15 years, which is quite a long time to ski internationally. I thought it would be fun to honor retiring skiers with a fairly comprehensive look back at their careers.  But since this is a largely data visualization site, it […]

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