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Head-to-Head: Mika Myllylae vs. Thomas Alsgaard

I haven’t done one of these in a while, but with Mika Myllylae in the news recently I thought this might be fun… This head-to-head matchup might not be the first you’d think of to look at, but you end up with an interesting graph nonetheless.  As always, I grabbed the 54 races where Myllylae […]

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Bjoern Daehlie vs Thomas Alsgaard

The poll on the right is now closed.  Marit vs Justyna was in the running for a while, but Daehlie vs Alsgaard eventually pulled away for a clear win. Don’t worry if the matchup you voted for didn’t win this time around, we’ll have another round of voting most likely in a few days. The head-to-head […]

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