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Race Snapshot: WCF Pursuit

Sorry for posting these so late in the day. I had a race, then drove home, etc.

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Race Snapshot: WCF Prologue

Sigh. Prologues. They count for FIS points. They count for World Cup points. And yet, somehow, I just don’t really care that much about them. Still, a race is a race, so here are the requisite snapshots:

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WC Final Classic Sprint Recap

There were loads of problems with the heat times for this race, so I only have partial data. The men’s times were totally messed up and unusable, so I’ll only have graphs for the women. Here are the women’s finalists: I actually made up a time for Visnar’s final round heat, since the live timing […]

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Race Snapshot: WCF Classic Sprint

A solid race from Andrew Newell, and a decent one for Kikkan Randall given that it’s a classic race. And that’s it for the sprint races for the year…

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