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{ Monthly Archives } March 2011

Race Snapshot: IBU WC Pursuit

Another good day for the US women; nice job ladies!

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Race Snapshot: WCF Pursuit

Sorry for posting these so late in the day. I had a race, then drove home, etc.

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Week In Review: Friday Mar 18th

I’m on the road again for 50k number two of the season. Not looking forward to this one as much. The course doesn’t really excite me, and there are a ton of crazy fast runners here so it’ll be a miracle if the leaders haven’t flown home by the time I finish. Stupid fast people! […]


IBU WC Sprint: Americans

Yesterday’s biathlon WC sprint saw a mix of results for the Americans. First, things seem to have sort of reversed themselves from early in the season with Laura Spector struggling and the other ladies skiing quite well: An excellent race from Haley Johnson and Sara Studebaker, but a pretty dismal one for Spector, who shot […]

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Race Snapshot: WCF Prologue

Sigh. Prologues. They count for FIS points. They count for World Cup points. And yet, somehow, I just don’t really care that much about them. Still, a race is a race, so here are the requisite snapshots:

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Neuner Does It Again

As far as I can tell, Magdalena Neuner leads all currently active female biathletes in victories in major international races. Granted, she’s been racing longer than many of the current top women, but still. (Update: As pointed out to me in the comments, that isn’t exactly the case. All I meant to say was that […]

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Race Snapshot: IBU World Cup Sprint

Great races from Sara Studebaker and Haley Johnson today. A decent race from Tim Burke, probably undone by those two missing last time through the range. You’ll note that Tarjei Bø was back in 44th with 5 missed shots; that’s biathlon for you!

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