Kylloenen and Herrmann Improvements

Two skiers who have emerged over the past several races with noticeably improved results are Finland’s Anne Kylloenen and Germany’s Denise Herrmann:

Kylloenen hermann

Kylloenen’s results earlier in the season were more or less in line with her better results previously, but it’s been the last few races that have really been much better. Hermann on the other hand since more improved across the board, although her baseline was a bit below Kylloenen’s. There obviously haven’t been as many sprint races thus far:

Kylloenen hermann spr

So far, so good, certainly. For Kylloenen this seems like more of a continuation of a string set of sprint results from last season. Hermann has also been a solid sprinter, though if she continues on this pace it will constitute a massive improvement by eliminating all of her races at the bad end of the spectrum.

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