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Week In Review: Friday Sep 10th

My real job is quickly approaching again as we move into fall.  I’ve stockpiled plenty of material, but things will inevitably slow down a bit.  I also have a few big projects on my plate related to Statistical Skier that I’ll be talking more about in the next week or two, so I have plenty to keep me busy.  As for this past week,

  • With the Vuelta a España in full swing I slapped together some of the bump charts like I did for the Tour de France.
  • Since there’s been a fair bit of hand-wringing in the Norwegian press over the last few years about their men’s distance skiers, I thought I’d take a look at how they’ve actually fared over the last 18 years relative to everyone else.
  • Another diversion with some non-skiing data this week, looking at some triathlon data to see whether we can glean any strategy lessons from the data.
  • We’re almost done (I think) with the retiring skiers, this week recapping the career of biathlete Sandrine Bailly.


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