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Week In Review: Friday Oct 1st

Happy October everyone!  Can’t you just smell the ski season around the corner?

Previously on Statistical Skier:

  • We took a look at the quality of OPA Cup and Scandinavian Cup (sort of a minor league race series for the World Cup) races as measure by the FIS points awarded to the top skiers at those races.
  • I revisited some triathlon data that a friend sent me, in order to share some wacky (to me) looking scatterplots of the associations between your performances in each leg (Swim, Bike, Run) and your overall performance.  Adam shared some expert opinion in the comments that sheds some light on the issue.
  • Finally, I got super-technical (at least, compared to what I usually do) and modelled the length of a World Cup skier’s career using survival analysis models, looking for some factors that might be associated with longer or shorter careers.

Another travel weekend for me.  When will my friends stop getting married?  Ever?

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