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Week In Review: Friday Oct 8th

The week in brief:

  • A quick post about how much more volatile biathlon racing is than XC, due to the influence of shooting, of course.  I probably didn’t explain the actual statistics very clearly in that post, so if you found it confusing, check out the comments.  Also, I’ll follow up on commenter Bolle’s question about changes in volatility through time sometime next week.
  • After that, just two posts showing the distance results for entire nations, but coloring the points by the age of the skier.  I didn’t have some big question or message, I just sort of stumbled on them while noodling around.  But it’s kind of interesting to watch the colors change for small teams with only one or two fast skiers.

Finally, you might recall the tag cloud for FasterSkier comments that I posted a while back.  I’ve been tinkering with a version of that for the right hand sidebar (scroll down a bit).  A friend helped me out with some of the HTML/Flash issues and I think it should be properly updating itself now (every 12 hours or so, which is probably more often than necessary).  So that should be a quick look at what’s been going on in the last 100 FasterSkier comments, or so.

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