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Most Improved: Women’s Distance

Now for the “most improved” women’s distance skiers on the World Cup circuit this season, compared to last season. As always, this is based on an amalgamation of measures, in order to include improvements in one’s average performance, as well as one’s best races.

Here are the top 12:



As usual, due to some scaling, people improving from the middle/bottom of the pack are treated roughly the same as people improving from the top of the field. So while Therese Johaug’s average race didn’t improve much (how could it?) she did manage to have a handful of absolutely stellar performances that bumped up her best races compared to last season. After plateauing or even sliding back slightly last season, Liz Stephen made some pretty big strides this year. I’m looking for her to sustain that next season, not make another jump of the same size.

We also have some women who made some big jumps from the back or middle of the field, like Mariya Guschina and Ilaria Debertolis.

The trajectories for the Finns Anne Kylloenen and Kerttu Niskanen are certainly encouraging for the future…

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