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Tour de France: Stage 9

Another Tour update, conveniently coinciding with a rest day:

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Tour de France – Stage 4

This time we’ll look at the Tour results so far by team (click for larger version):

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Tour de France – Stage 2

Another bout of cycling fandom will keep us busy for a bit this July. Obviously, as of last night we’ve only had a handful of stages, but unlike with the Giro I have a bit more historical data to compare it do. I’m only going to do a handful of types of graphs for the […]

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Canadians in the Giro d’Italia

On final note about the Giro. It’s only three years worth, but I thought it might be interesting to take a look at how Canadians have fared in the Giro (again, only since 2010):

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Giro d’Italia: Final

One last set of graphs for this year’s Giro, first comparing it to the previous two years: And another comparing each team from this year’s Giro:

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Giro d’Italia: After Stage 18

Here’s the state of things, team-by-team after yesterday’s Stage 18: One thing to note (that you can’t quite see in this graph) is that this year’s course has caused slightly more of a spread in the field than the previous two.

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Giro d’Italia: After Stage 16

Another overall comparison of the GC standings to the previous two years:

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