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US World Champs Team Selection

Honestly, I’m reluctant to wade into this topic, but since this blog is supposed to focus on the intersection of XC skiing and data, I feel like I need to say something. The USST announced their team for World Championships in Oslo, which inevitably led to a certain amount of griping about the choices made […]

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Distributed Sprint Points

Earlier this week I introduced an idea I had for calculating a points-like measure for sprint racing that was applicable beyond the qualification round.  You can go back and review the methodology here. In this post I’d like to revisit this idea and look at how these new points look when ranking athletes.  First, I […]

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A New Sprint Points Method

I’ve fussed in the past about the weaknesses of FIS points in distance events, but they really are quite useful.  Sprint events, however, just don’t have an equivalently simple and useful numerical summary.  I’ve resorted to using the final finishing rank (i.e. what place you came in, after the elimination rounds), but I’ve never been […]

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EqPB: Test Run

Last week I ranted a bit about the inadequacies of F-factors[1. The scaling factor FIS uses to adjust FIS points depending on whether the race was an interval or mass start.].  We looked at the results from interval vs. mass start races and determined that they do indeed produce different distributions of percent back’s (PB’s). […]

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Ranking athletes based on FIS points, or some other measure, is relatively easy.  Sometimes rankings are fun, because they give sports nuts something to argue about.  Sometimes, however, things devolve into annoying arguments about the specific measure you’re using to rank the athletes with. Any such measure has flaws, and FIS points are no different. […]

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