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Race Snapshot: TdS Continuous Pursuit

If you’ve ever wondered why I haven’t attempted more statistical machinations to predict race results, today’s races are an example of why I haven’t.  Actually, I’ve spent a fair bit of time trying to build some models that will predict performance, but what I’ve learned is that skiers are too variable for reasonably simple models […]

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EqPB: Test Run

Last week I ranted a bit about the inadequacies of F-factors[1. The scaling factor FIS uses to adjust FIS points depending on whether the race was an interval or mass start.].  We looked at the results from interval vs. mass start races and determined that they do indeed produce different distributions of percent back’s (PB’s). […]

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How I Learned To Start Worrying and Hate the F-Factor (Part 2)

Previously, I described some problems with using percent back (PB) as a basis for comparing race performances.  Namely, mass start and interval start races produce very different types of PB’s.  In this post we’ll briefly consider whether this problem is actually worth worrying about and then I’ll finish with a simple solution.

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How I Learned to Start Worrying and Hate the F-Factor (Part 1)

This topic is going to be somewhat more technical than usual.  It involves some inside baseball, to mix sports metaphors, so if the nitty gritty details of FIS point calculations don’t strike you as an exciting page turner, you’ve been warned!  However, if you stick with me, you’ll learn how brutally stupid FIS’s F-factor adjustments […]

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