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Giro d’Italia – After Stage 8

I’ve been a little distracted lately, so I haven’t been as organized with the cycling data. Also, when you only do something once a year (or so) it’s pretty shocking how much better at coding you get in a year. My cycling code was a God-Awful mess, which is being slowly improved. As usual, these […]

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Giro d’Italia: Stage 21

Final Giro post! First we have the final picture for the whole race: and a higher quality version here. And then we have the breakdown by teams: And the matching high quality version here. Finally, some higher quality graphs looking at some folks who competed in both this and last year’s Giro and who did […]

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Giro d’Italia: Rest Day 2

We’re through Stage 15 of the Giro, so here are some updated versions of the accompanying graphs. I made these “high quality” (i.e. PDFs) in case anyone wants to repost them elsewhere. Here’s the overall GC picture: And then we have the same data broken down by team:

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Giro d’Italia – Rest Day 1

It’s not skiing, I know, but I do like to entertain myself by making pretty graphs. So like last summer I’ll be doing some graphical displays for some big stage races. I won’t provide any discussion or analysis, just the graphs for you to enjoy, pass along or share as you please. I do try […]

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Giro d’Italia: Those Who Didn’t Make It

I’m continuing to play with creating simple, annotated scalable vector graphics (SVGs) with this cycling data, as practice. It also gives me an excuse to look back at this years Giro. In this addition, we’re plotting the races of those riders who didn’t quite make it to the finish line. First plotted by general classification […]

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2010 Giro d’Italia GC Plot

I apologize again for the heavy cycling bent I’ve been on lately.  You just can’t pass up the chance to make fun graphs like these, though. This is just your standard bumps chart for GC rank from the 2010 Giro d’Italia.  Somewhat confusingly (to casual bike fans like me) the colors of the jerseys are […]

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