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Race Snapshot: TdS 15/35k Pursuit

Men: Women:

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Race Snapshot: 10/15k Freestyle Pursuit

As usual, the pursuit format creates odd incentives for the athletes which usually results better than usual races for many athletes (and worse for others). Men: Women:

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Race Snapshot: Kuusamo 10/15k Classic Pursuit

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How can we assess performances in stage race pursuits?

As with most stage races these days, the Tour de Ski included some handicap start pursuits. Generally, the athletes will start in a staggered fashion based upon their time back in the overall standings, and the first person to the finish line wins the stage. This creates some very unusual incentives for the athletes, depending […]

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Race Snapshot: TdS Freestyle Pursuit

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Race Snapshot: Tour de Ski Handicap Pursuit

I’ve opted not to adjust the points on these, despite their being a a bit abnormal.  I think the performance comparisons are clear enough without making any alterations.  But, as you can see, there was definitely some concerted skiing in groups today.

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