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Most Improved: Sprint 2011

Continuing on from my previous posts looking at some skiers who saw a lot of improvement (or not) in distance events last season, we turn our attention to sprinting. You can refer back to those posts for a more detailed look at the methodology we’re using. Of course, with sprinting we don’t have fancy percent […]

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Most Improved: Distance 2011

Last year I took a very simplistic approach toward identifying skiers who’d made strong gains (or losses) in their performance over the previous season. This year I thought I’d do something a bit more sophisticated. Anyone paying attention to the WC field can probably list some skiers who skied considerably faster or slower this year […]

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Athlete To Watch: Nicole Fessel

Who impressed me most in the races last weekend in Kuusamo?  Well, I have to agree with one of my commenters in picking Germany’s Nicole Fessel.  I’m not crazy enough to stay up till 1am to watch the races live on the internet, so I only have the results to go by.  Still, how impressive […]

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Most Improved: Women’s Sprint

Continuing on from Monday’s post, we turn now to the most improved women sprinter last season. Here’s the table of the top ten most improved female sprinters on the World Cup: [table id=14] First, the familiar names (at least, familiar to me).  Korosteleva and Ingemarsdotter are both excellent sprinters who’ve been around for at least […]

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Most Improved: Men’s Sprint

Now that I’ve introduced Distributed Sprint Points (DSPs), an alternate measure of sprint race performance, we’ll go ahead and give it a trial run, warts and all.  Since DSP is decidedly still in the experimental phase, take this with a hefty grain of salt. My procedure will mostly track what I did to measure the […]

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Most Improved: Women’s Distance

As before, we’re looking at the change in the average of a skier’s best five distance races (by FIS points) from the ’08-’09 to the ’09-’10 season.  You must have raced in at least five major international events (WC, WSC, or OWG) to be considered. Here’s the table of the ten most improved women: [table […]

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Most Improved: Men’s Distance

A lot of the stuff I’ve done so far on this site looks at data over fairly long periods of time.  Let’s switch things up and look only at the previous two World Cup seasons.  Awards for most improved skiers have a special place in my heart due to my own skiing career, which had […]

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