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Mystery Skier: Revealed

As at least one reader correctly guessed, the skier I was referring to in my previous post was Johann Mühlegg. Probably the biggest hint there was the implication that I was talking about a skier who continued racing after ~1998-1999 and reached the podium after that time. Or in his case perhaps we should say […]

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Mystery Skier

Another episode of mystery skier!  Below I’ve graphed the seven seasons of major international distance results for a (very famous) skier in which they recorded at least one top ten result in each season, but never a podium finish. The athlete in question did race beyond 1998, but I’ve omitted those results.  (That’s a bit […]

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Guess The Medalists: Answers Revealed

Well I guess that quiz wasn’t quite as popular.  I suppose it was a bit harder than I thought. In any case, the race in question was the women’s pursuit at the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics.  That means the top five was Beckie Scott – Mystery Skier D Katerina Neumannova – Mystery Skier C Viola […]

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Guess The Medalists!

Another guessing game, this one based on a misunderstanding of a previous one.  This time, I’ve graphed FIS points vs. date for five skiers up to an Olympic race where they will all race against each other and finish in the top five.  Your job is to identify the medalists and for bonus points the […]

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Mystery Skier Revealed!

The mystery skier in question is currently active (i.e. not retired) and has reached the podium in at least one WC, OWG or WSC race per season for 11 straight seasons.  This is the longest currently active podium streak that I am aware of. I provided some graphs to help:

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Who Is This Mystery Skier?

The following graphs are the results for a currently active cross country skier who has the longest active streak of at least one podium finish (WC, OWG, WSC) in a distance event in each season.  Their streak currently stands at 11 seasons. The ages on the x axis should narrow it down a ton, obviously. […]

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Prediction Game: Who’s Gonna Podium In Their Very Next Race?

Five mystery skiers, all women.  For each skier, their very next  (distance) race is a WC, OWG or WSC race.  Which of them are going to finish on the podium (top 3) in their very next race? To make things a bit more challenging, I’ve omitted the x axis labels (which is date, not age), […]

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