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IBU WC Sprint: Americans

Yesterday’s biathlon WC sprint saw a mix of results for the Americans. First, things seem to have sort of reversed themselves from early in the season with Laura Spector struggling and the other ladies skiing quite well: An excellent race from Haley Johnson and Sara Studebaker, but a pretty dismal one for Spector, who shot […]

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Neuner Does It Again

As far as I can tell, Magdalena Neuner leads all currently active female biathletes in victories in major international races. Granted, she’s been racing longer than many of the current top women, but still. (Update: As pointed out to me in the comments, that isn’t exactly the case. All I meant to say was that […]

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WC Final Classic Sprint Recap

There were loads of problems with the heat times for this race, so I only have partial data. The men’s times were totally messed up and unusable, so I’ll only have graphs for the women. Here are the women’s finalists: I actually made up a time for Visnar’s final round heat, since the live timing […]

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Lahti Pursuit Recap

There was a distance race this past weekend as well, of course, and in a slightly unusual format. I’m not sure why FIS includes these 10/20km pursuits; I can’t think of what the rationale is at all. In any case, here’s a look at the top men’s performances which included some slightly different names (click […]

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Lahti Sprint Recap

As always, the sprint heat times are thanks to Jan at I was travelling yesterday, so not only did I not watch these races, I haven’t even really read about them yet either. So this will be an interesting guessing game for me, to see how much I can infer from just the the […]

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Some Impressive Performances At WBC

It’s really some of the women’s performances that I want to call attention to, but let’s start with the men’s 20k individual race from the other day. Here’s the top five (click through for full version): Another impressive race from the youngster Tarjei Bø. But as you’ll note, not a wildly dominant race when measured […]

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North American WSC Assessment

Nothing in depth here, just a quick look at how the US and Canadian results at these past World Champs compare to past major championships (OWG and WSC). First is a look at the distance results, using standardized percent back from the median skier, and the blue line representing the median performance over time: For […]

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