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Some Notes On Marcus Hellner

Since I was pondering Marcus Hellner’s season just the other day, I thought I’d take a closer look at how his result tend to shift over the course of a season. He has struggled during the later parts of this season, but has that been true before in general? Here are his results in distance […]

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Within season trends: sprinting

I know the Moscow city sprints were exciting and all, but I’ll have some posts on them and the Rybinsk races next week. For now, as promised we have the follow-up for sprinting from Wednesday’s post. These are the folks with the largest improvements in performance (within season). As before their results from this season […]

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Some context for Skofterud’s late season troubles

Since I feel bad picking on Vibeke Skofterud twice now, I thought I’d follow that up with a look at that kind of trend among all skiers. Today we’ll look at distance results, Friday we’ll consider sprinting. I hauled out my favorite statistical canon for this one, a mixed-effect model that compares each skiers results […]

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