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WC Split Times: Biggest Losses

The obvious follow-up from the last entry in this series is to look at the folks who have the strongest tendency to fall further behind the leaders as the race progresses. Not surprisingly, this group will include a lot of the more marginal skiers from smaller skiing nations. I did filter out people for whom […]

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WC Split Times: Biggest Gains

Continuing with my series of posts looking at some split time data (kindly provided by Jan at, we turn to identifying some folks who tend to ski better (as measured by their % behind the leaders) towards the end of a race than the beginning. I actually fit a model on this one (gasp!) […]

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An Overview Of WC Split Times

Earlier this week I looked at the split times for some individual US and Canadian WC skiers. Today, let’s back up a bit a get a bit of a bird’s eye view. (Dont worry, I’ll look at some other top WC skiers in more detail in subsequent posts.) The following graph shows all the split […]

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