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Race Snapshot: TdS Freestyle Sprint

Men: Women:

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Race Snapshot: Davos Freestyle Sprint

Men:   Women:

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Race Snapshot: Kuusamo Classic Sprint

Men: Women:

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Is Kikkan the Gold Medal Favorite?

One topic that’s going to come up over and over again over the next 10 months or so is to what degree Kikkan Randall may be the gold medal “favorite” for the freestyle sprint in Sochi. If you look over the past several seasons, the first thing you have to note is that two of […]

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USST Nominations

Kris Freeman obviously isn’t the only US Ski Team nomination to discuss, so let’s take look at a few other folks. Starting with a few people generally thought of a “sprinters”:   These are the major international sprint results for these three skiers. Simi Hamilton was dropped down from the A to the B team. […]

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Best Sprinters With No Wins

I received a request last week to look at sprinters who have had very good careers, but have never won a major race. I took a fairly simplistic route to this, and grabbed all the skiers who have never won a WC, OWG or WSC sprint event, and then simply calculated their career median result. […]

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Race Snapshot: WCF Classic Sprint

Men’s race: Women’s race:

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