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Race Snapshot: WCF Classic Sprint

Men’s race: Women’s race:

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Oslo Seeds & Kikkan/Marit Update

First some quick seeds calculated for Oslo’s freestyle mass start races: [table id=87 /] Finally, a commenter on my last post asked about how often Kikkan and Marit had actually met in a sprint final. The answer is that it has happened (in major events) nine times, and Kikkan has won 3 of them, include […]

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Race Snapshot: Drammen Sprint

Men’s race: Women’s race:

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Kikkan vs Marit In Sprints

Since Kikkan Randall locked up the Sprint World Cup title this weekend with a (narrow) win over Marit Bjoergen, I thought it might be instructive to review their head-to-head history in sprinting:   The dashed line is the trend for freestyle races and the solid is classic. Dots in the red are victories for Kikkan […]

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Race Snapshot: Lahti Classic Sprint

Men’s Race Women’s race:  

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Race Snapshot: Davos Classic Sprint

A short summary of these graphs can be found here. Men’s race: Women’s race:  

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Davos Classic Sprint Field Handicap

I got some positive feedback about my tentative handicapping of the field for one of the WSC events, so I thought I’d sink some more time in it. I went back and changed the modeling technique rather dramatically to make it more flexible (and hopefully more accurate). But the basic idea is the same. In […]

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