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Race Snapshot: Sochi Freestyle Sprint

You can read a brief summary of these graphs here. Men’s race: Women’s race:

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Andrew Newell’s Best Season?

Most of the thunder from the US Ski Team these days comes from the women’s side, but I thought it worth pointing out that Andrew Newell is quietly on track for one of his best sprinting seasons ever: Granted, the season is only about half over, and I really, really don’t want to jinx him, […]

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Sprint Hit Rate

The recent good fortune of the US women’s team, particularly in sprinting had me thinking a bit about measuring team performance in sprint events at a high level. The result was the following plots which show the rate at which the the top skiers (the top 4 in this case) in each race race one […]

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Race Snapshot: Tour de Ski Freestyle Sprint

You can read an explanation of these graphs here. The men’s race: And the women’s race:

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Pre-Tour Status Update

As we approach the Tour de Ski, this is a short assessment of how the US and Canadian teams are doing so far compared to previous seasons. As I typically do, I’m going to include all World Cup results, rather than just the best results. Clearly, there have been some strong results for both the […]

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Race Snapshot: Canmore Freestyle Sprint

The women:   And the men:

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Some More North American Sprinting Trends

A commenter on my last post correctly pointed out that it might be interesting to look at performance using a percent back based measure on the qualifying times, since the number of racers present can greatly effect finishing place. I didn’t quite have time to pull together the standardization piece that I typically use with […]

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