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Japan’s Junior Skiers

I was reading FasterSkier’s profile of the Japanese World Cup skiers and a few people commented about how Japan had a good showing at World Juniors/U23s this past season.  Naturally that got me thinking about how little I know about these guys, so I thought I’d make some graphs. First up is a simple time […]

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Post-WJC/U23 Development: Norway

Continuing in my series of posts (see here and here) we move on to Norway.  This presents some problems, graphically, since as you might imagine there are many, many more Norwegians who’ve skied well at WJCs or U23s.  This means that if I simply recreate the graphs following my previous examples, they will likely be […]

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Post-WJC/U23 Development: Italy

Yet another in a continuing series.  This time, Italy.  First up is the original form of the graph where each panel contains athletes grouped by their best performance at WJCs or U23s (1-5, 6-10, etc.):

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Post-WJC/U23 Development: Germany

Another installment looking at how athletes have faired following WJC/U23 racing. This time we’re looking at Germany, a country that gained some notoriety over the last 10-15 years for a dramatic turnaround in athlete development.  At least, that’s what I remember the conventional wisdom being. We’ll start with just the basic graph (click through for […]

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Post-WJC/U23 Development: Canada

In a short piece on FasterSkier the other day, I showed a graph that examined the FIS points vs. age trends of skiers broken down by their success at WJCs or U23s.  In it, I highlighted only the American athletes, apart from the general trends for all skiers. I thought that I’d continue with a […]

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