Fredrik Karlsson

Hopefully there won’t be any more posts like this for a long while. Fredrik Karlsson died recently, I guess in a snowmobile accident. I didn’t know much about him, but I guess he was on Sweden’s development team. As you might expect for someone on Sweden’s development team, he hadn’t quite made a huge splash in World Cup races, having never cracked the top 30 in a distance race, and he’d only done one WC sprint race.

But if you look at his results with FIS points, you can clearly see that while he was relatively old (~27) he had not “stalled out” in terms of improvement:

No major jumps in performance, just a very steady, consistent improvement. By last season, his median FIS point result in distance races was good enough to be one of the top 15 Swedish men:


Name YOB Median FIS Point Total Races
HELLNER Marcus 1985 2.290 24
OLSSON Johan 1980 3.272 12
RICKARDSSON Daniel 1982 9.472 24
SOEDERGREN Anders 1977 11.392 17
JOHNSSON Jimmi 1985 17.912 7
AHRLIN Jerry 1978 18.116 7
FREDRIKSSON Mathias 1973 20.782 13
ERIKSSON Jens 1987 20.932 15
NELSON Lars 1985 22.024 25
HALFVARSSON Calle 1989 24.430 12
JONSSON Fredrik 1990 25.884 21
ANDREASSON Rikard 1979 26.552 10
BRINK Joergen 1974 27.410 10
KARLSSON Fredrik 1985 30.100 15
OTTOSSON Markus 1986 34.124 16


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