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{ Monthly Archives } December 2012

Race Snapshots: Canmore Mass Start 10/15k

As usual, this format produces tight races up front, and some big gaps through the field, so keep that in mind. The men: And the women:

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Some More North American Sprinting Trends

A commenter on my last post correctly pointed out that it might be interesting to look at performance using a percent back based measure on the qualifying times, since the number of racers present can greatly effect finishing place. I didn’t quite have time to pull together the standardization piece that I typically use with […]

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North American World Cup Sprints

It’s always fun when the World Cup takes a turn through North America, although I’m a cranky old traditionalist, so sprints aren’t my favorite event, and city sprints are even further down the list for me. One challenge that comes up in trying to assess performance in WCs held in North America is that the […]

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Race Snapshot: Quebec City Sprint

The men: And the women:  

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World Cup Winning Streaks

I noted in a Tweet that Marit Bjoergen is the only skier since 1992 to win each of the four opening World Cup events (sprint and distance) in a row. But if you relax that condition to allow for streaks occurring at any point in the season (and include Olympic and World Championship events), Bjoergen […]

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US Distance Progress

Nothing earth shattering about saying, but the US women have clearly made some significant strides in their distance skiing over the past 2-3 seasons. Let’s visualize this first comparing Kikkan Randall to the other US women: Pretty dramatic all around. For some context, let’s plot the same data (but without all the fancy shading) along […]

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Race Snapshot: Kuusamo 10/15k Classic Pursuit

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