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Career Retrospective: Martina Beck

Biathletes retire too!  I will be the first to admit that I know a lot less about biathlon than cross country, though, so these athlete profile posts for biathletes will be as much for my benefit as yours. Martina Beck is (was) a very fast German biathlete.  The International Biathlon Union has a nice article […]

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Career Retrospective: Laurence Rochat

Who?  Yeah, I’d never heard of her either.  One of the coolest parts of working on this website is learning how much I didn’t know about international ski racing. The fact that I don’t know about this Swiss skier doesn’t really say anything about her (she’s done 115 World Cup races, 7 World Championship races […]

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Career Retrospective: Milan Sperl

The career retrospectives took an unintentional week off last Friday due my being distracted by the Tour. Milan who?  Again, a skier who’s name I should probably know, but did not.  He’s a Czech skier who’d been competing internationally since around 2000. Particularly since he looks like a fun guy. Sperl won a Bronze medal […]

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Career Retrospective: Reto Burgermeister

Thanks to NordicXplained I’ve been alerted to several more athletes retiring after the 2009-2010 season.  These next three may be somewhat less famous than the other skiers I profiled, but that doesn’t make them less important or less interesting!  For instance…

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Career Retrospective: Claudia Nystad (Kuenzel)

A late addition to the skier retirement series is German Claudia Nystad (before she married she raced under the name Claudia Kuenzel; FIS hyphenates her name, so I will too). Kuenzel-Nystad has quite a few Olympic and World Championship medals, although most of them were in relays.  She has 8 medals (all gold and silver) […]

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Career Retrospective: Virpi Kuitunen

Finnish skier Virpi Kuitunen is among the group of retiring skiers this year and she’s next in line for a retrospective look at her career. First we need to dispense with the issue of doping.  Kuitunen was caught using a banned blood plasma expander at the 2001 World Championships in Lahti, Finland.  She received a […]

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Career Retrospective: Sara Renner

Next up in our retiring skier series is Sara Renner.  Renner (CAN) retired this past season after competing internationally for around 16 years.  She earned a Gold Silver medal at the Turin games in the Team Sprint event with Beckie Scott, but wasn’t quite as fortunate in individual events. (Update: Sorry for the typo!) However, along […]

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