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Victims & Nemeses: Sweden Edition

In this installment of Victims & Nemeses, we consider the Swedish star skiers Marcus Hellner and Charlotte Kalla.  Who are their victims (people they defeat often by small margins) and nemeses (people who beat them often by small margins)?

Let’s take a look…

[table id = 44]

[table id = 45]

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[table id = 47]

Alexander Legkov (RUS) and Pietro Piller Cottrer (ITA) take the prize for falling victim to Hellner the most often and (surprise, surprise!) Petter Northug is Hellner’s biggest nemesis.

Charlotte Kalla has beaten up on Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle (GER) the most, whereas there isn’t a clear leader in the nemesis category, with Sachenbacher-Stehle getting some revenge along with Arianna Follis (ITA) and Petra Majdic (SLO).


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