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Optimal Norwegian Women’s Relay Team

Now that I have some nifty code for analyzing the optimal relay team given a set of skiers to choose from, I thought I’d have some fun by looking at the Norwegian women. Now, clearly on some level it almost doesn’t matter which folks you put on this team in addition to Bjorgen and Johaug. […]

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Race Snapshot: Davos Freestyle Sprint

Men:   Women:

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Race Snapshot: Davos 15/30k Freestyle

Men: Women:

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Optimal US Women’s Relay Team

Since we in the US now have a relay team that’s doing quite well, that also means we as fans have something new (and fun!) to argue about. Namely, what is the best team we can put out there? Let’s assume that there are seven women who could potentially be placed on the US women’s […]

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Lillehammer: Young podium

What do I notice about the men’s podium from Saturday’s 15k classic race:   Excepting Poltaranin, not much racing at this level between them. In fact, among the youngest men’s distance podiums I have on record (basically since the early 90’s):   Saturday’s race is that unusually low value in the lower right corner. As […]

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US Men’s Distance Depth

I was chatting with some friends today about the difference in depth between the US men’s and women’s squads, particularly in distance events, so when I sat down to noodle around with some data I ended up making this graph:   This is all US men’s distance results for the past five seasons or so, […]

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Revisiting Bjoergen vs Skari vs Vaelbe

Sorry for my recent absence. Never fear, I haven’t abandoned this project, but things may be a bit more sparse than usual over the summer. Feel free to drop me a line with question or ideas for posts, though, as that will be good motivation for me. In that vein, a reader asked me to […]