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Who’s Producing Fast Young Female Skiers?

Answer: Norway. And Russia. Looking forward to the upcoming season, I’m somewhat astounded by the number of talented young Norwegian women on the horizon. Here’s a quick snapshot of what I’m talking about. I took female skiers born no earlier than 1988 who did at least 3 FIS races last season, and averaged their best […]

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French Men Without Vittoz

I’m really sad that Vincent Vittoz retired, mainly because I really, really wanted him to win an Olympic medal. The French men are left with two guys who are pretty well established: These graphs show only their major international results (WC, WSC, etc.). Manificat’s stupendous win in 2010 is looking more and more like an […]

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FIS Point Trends In Olympic Medalists

A while back I responded to a reader requesting that I look into any connections between a skier’s performance at World Juniors and subsequent medal winning.  My conclusions there tended toward the ambiguous, since 2-4 races (from World Juniors) just isn’t a whole lot of information. But we can also just take medalists and look […]

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First Arianna Follis retires, and now we learn that Marianna Longa is heading out the door (again!). This strikes me as quite a blow to the Italian women’s team. Before I wrote this post, if you asked me to list some other top Italian women besides Follis and Longa off the top of my head, […]

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FIS Points Development Guide

Pete Vordenberg and Bryan Fish have an intriguing post up over at NCCSEF about the FIS point profiles of the top ten skiers in the world. The intention is to give developing skiers a rough tool to use to gauge their progress against the development paths of the best skiers in the world. The FIS […]

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WJC/U23 Preview: USA and Canada (con’t)

Of course, these being competitions focusing on junior skiers, they often are used as a proxy for signaling future performance. I’ve looked at various aspects of this in the past, but there are always new ways to approach this. What I’ve done here is to take the plots from earlier today and add information regarding […]

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Post-WJC/U23 Development: Norway

Continuing in my series of posts (see here and here) we move on to Norway.  This presents some problems, graphically, since as you might imagine there are many, many more Norwegians who’ve skied well at WJCs or U23s.  This means that if I simply recreate the graphs following my previous examples, they will likely be […]

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