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Race Snapshot: Sochi 30k Pursuit

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Sochi Women’s 15k Pusuit Snapshot

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The Caitlin Gregg Situation

Ah, yes, another Olympic year, another wildly entertaining FasterSkier comment thread regarding team selection. I find this round interesting because I sort of assumed that most of the heat this year would fall on the men’s selections, but apparently the decision to not select Caitlin Gregg is getting the bulk of the attention. This is […]

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US Men’s Distance Olympic Selection

One of the hot topics this week in the US is who will be named to the Olympic team. There is particularly heavy speculation surrounding the men’s distance skiers, since that’s the most wide open (and the weakest). There are a lot of factors that go into a decision like this that I’m just going […]

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Most Surprising Olympic Medalists

Sometimes people you don’t expect race very fast. A reader asked me to look into this general topic, this will be the distance race installment. I’ll do a sprint version in a few days. I’m going to focus here on people who have won Olympic medals in distance events. To measure how “unexpected” it was, […]

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Canadian Men’s Olympic Performance

Adam, over at NordicXplained, asks: “Everyone knows how well the Canadian men’s team did at the Olympics, but the question that I wanna know is how well they stacked up against other countries. Even though they didn’t win a medal, their average placing in many races surely could have been higher than traditional powerhouses like […]

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Race Summaries: Introduction

This is type of graphic that I hope to do on a semi-regular basis once the World Cup season gets rolling.  These easily fall into the “fun” rather than “serious” category.  If you hadn’t already guessed, I like making graphs.  So these entries will be race summaries, but in graph form.  They are fairly labor […]

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