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Most Improved: Women’s Distance

Moving on from last time to the most improved in women’s distance events…you can read that post for an explanation of the metrics I’m using, and the usual round of caveats. Here’s the top twelve: As before, you can click through for a slightly larger version. By these measures, Sweden’s Sofia Bleckur comes out on […]

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Most Improved: Men’s Distance

Let’s start wrapping up the 2011-2012 World Cup season, shall we? First, we’ll look at skiers who made the largest jumps, either up or down, compared to last year, beginning with the men’s distance events. As always, you get somewhat different lists of skiers as the “most improved” depending on what metric you use. My […]

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A Few End Of The Year Numbers

Just to follow up on a few tweets over the weekend… Skiers from 10 different nations had podium results in men’s events, and only women from 7 different nations did the same. The nations with the most podiums are in stark contrast. For both the men and women, you of course have Norway in the […]

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How’d We Do? USA/CAN Season Review 2

Continuing on from last time, now we move on to the women’s distance events. We’ll start out the same way, with a basic graph showing the number of results per race for various levels of performance: The Canadian women built up steadily under the Beckie Scott/Sara Renner days, but haven’t quite found any replacement for […]

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