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{ Monthly Archives } November 2010

Race Snapshots: Kuusamo Sprint

As promised, race snapshot graphs today’s sprint races.  First the reduced versions (top 30, plus North Americans) and the full versions are below the fold (the names on those might be a bit small; there were a lot of racers!). Updated: Bit of a mishap with some of the athlete’s names created some errors.  Fixed […]

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Thanksgiving Turkeys

Aside from being a yummy holiday treat, Thanksgiving turkey is a term used (in North America, at least) to refer to ski racers who come out of the gate kicking everyone’s pants off in November or December and then fizzle out for the rest of the season.  A friend urged me to write a post […]

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Improved Gällivare Plots: Technique Focus

Several people have commented that my summary graphs should take into account skier’s potentially differing abilities in skating and classic.  (We could slice up the data as thinly as we’d like: mass start vs. interval, etc.  But that will get complicated quickly, so let’s add technique and see how it goes for now.) I pondered […]

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Gällivare Recap: Europeans

Now for some of the folks across the pond.  I’m less familiar with a lot of the European racers, so who I focus on will be largely dictated by what stands out to me in the data (or you can drop me a line if you think there’s someone I should put under the microscope!), […]

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Gällivare Recap: North Americans

I’ll have a post up tomorrow running through some of the notable European results from the weekend. The short version of the weekend’s distance races goes something like this: Good: Kris Freeman, Kikkan Randall, Noah Hoffman, Liz Stephen Bad: Canadian men, Chris Cook Meh: Morgan Arritola, Andrey Newell Americans Here’s a closer look at the […]

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Race Snapshot: Gällivare

In the run up to the World Cup season, I had been trying to think of ways to create a single graph that would do a decent job of communicating how good each person’s race was in the context of their past results.  I wanted something relatively simple and easy to read that would hopefully […]

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Week In Review: Friday Nov 19th

Statistical Skier’s Week In Review has it’s first sponsor, Skadi Nordic!  If removing the snow and ice from the bottom of your boots is your least favorite part of skiing, I’d head over to their site and check them out, cause they’ve solved that problem. World Cup racing finally gets underway this weekend in G&aumlllivare, […]