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{ Monthly Archives } April 2011

Applying FIS Point Development Curves To The USST

Last Friday I used an interesting post by Pete Vordenberg as a starting point for looking at how we could expand on the idea of (roughly) measuring athlete development using FIS points. Since the USST announced their nominations last week as well, I thought it might be interesting to see how applying a tool like […]

How’d We Do? USA/CAN Season Review 4

Last, but not least, ┬áthe women’s sprinters, which was easily the highlight of the season for the Americans: The Canadian women recovered somewhat after two rough seasons. While they didn’t have the eye-catching results of Kikkan Randall, the Canadian women have three different skiers (Crawford, Gaiazova, Jones) who qualified for the heats more than once, […]

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How’d We Do? USA/CAN Season Review 3

This week it’s the sprinter’s turn in the limelight, starting with the men. As you might imagine, there are quite a few more cheery topics when talking about North American sprinters. As before we’ll begin with a simple plot showing the number of results per race over time: The American men have seen a steady […]

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Week In Review: Friday Apr 22nd

I took a break today from the retiring skier posts, but they will resume next Friday… The first two parts of a brief season review for the North American skiers this week, focusing on the men’s and women’s distance skiers. I did a little exploration of how we might put together some data on (very […]


FIS Points Development Guide

Pete Vordenberg and Bryan Fish have an intriguing post up over at NCCSEF about the FIS point profiles of the top ten skiers in the world. The intention is to give developing skiers a rough tool to use to gauge their progress against the development paths of the best skiers in the world. The FIS […]

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How’d We Do? USA/CAN Season Review 2

Continuing on from last time, now we move on to the women’s distance events. We’ll start out the same way, with a basic graph showing the number of results per race for various levels of performance: The Canadian women built up steadily under the Beckie Scott/Sara Renner days, but haven’t quite found any replacement for […]

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How’d We Do? USA/CAN Season Review 1

I think most people generally have a sense for how the past World Cup season went for the North Americans. What I’m going to do over the next few posts is to simply show some data that hopefully provides some context for what you already know. I’m going to split them into four posts for […]

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