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Week In Review: Friday July 16th

Now that I’m back from travelling for a bit (but only for a bit) things were a little more busy this week at Statistical Skier.

  • I debuted an interesting way to mine skiing results data to search for skiers with similar careers and used it to look at “similar” skiers to Beckie Scott.
  • I reproduced (with a few minor flourishes of my own) a version of some bumps charts for the Tour de France that I saw a few years back.
  • The list of World Cup skiers hanging up their boots this year continued, with Swiss skier Reto Burgermeister getting the career retrospective treatment.
  • A commenter asked for a version of my Tour de France bumps plot with the teams indicated in color (despite the fact that he is apparently colorblind) and I happily obliged, but suggested that a better way to look at that type of information is to use faceting.
  • Finally, with another Tour stage in the books, I updated the bumps plot to include the latest data.  Also, I added a bonus bumps chart showing the changes in average speed for each racer.

Obviously, things have strayed a bit from skiing to bike racing this week.  What can I say?  It’s summer, the Tour de France is in full swing and you just can’t turn down good data.  The cycling content will be pretty heavy until the Tour ends, just to warn you…


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