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Career Retrospective: Björn Lind

Now that it’s been essentially a decade since sprinting came to the WC scene in a big way, we’re going to start to see skiers retiring who have specialized in sprinting to increasing degrees. Lind is a good example of this trend, as I have 74 WC level sprint races and only 6 WC level […]

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Career Retrospective: Vincent Vittoz

God this guy’s been around forever, it seems. His WC results stretch back continuously to the mid-90’s. During Vittoz’s international career I’ve, graduated from high school graduated from college got a job married the Statistical Wife entered and finished graduate school, and then got a job lived in 4 different states during this time I’ve […]

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Career Retrospective: Marianna Longa

More bad news for Italy. First Arianna Follis, now Marianna Longa is calling it quits as well. Her career has followed an interesting path, as you can tell from just glancing at her distance results: Prior to 2005, Longa was a solid WC skier, but her best result was a 7th along with a handful […]

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Career Retrospective: Petra Majdic

What can you say about Petra Majdic? The Slovenian was delightfully hard to miss on the ski trails. Known as a classic sprint specialist, she was no slouch at distance events either: From 2002 forward, that is some very consistent skiing, year in, year out. I realize that standardized percent behind the median skier may […]

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Career Retrospective: Arianna Follis

Several talented sprinters are retiring this year, among them Arianna Follis. While she’s known as a sprinter, her results indicate that she wasn’t a terribly slow distance skier either, particularly later in her career: This suggests that it’s been the previous four seasons where her distance racing has really been fairly strong, and in fact […]

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Career Retrospective: Simone Hauswald

I’ve mentioned before that one of the reasons I enjoy writing posts about skiing is that I learn stuff about my sport.  Writing up a career retrospective post for German biathlete Simone Hauswald was one of those experiences. Simone Hauswald has competed internationally since 2000-2001, although she only did a handful of World Cups until […]

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Career Retrospective: Tore Ruud Hofstad

Another helpful commenter reminded me that Norwegian Tore Ruud Hofstad also retired this past July.  My results for Hofstad stretch back to World Junior races in 1998 up to his retirement in 2010.  I think one of the reasons I may have overlooked him is that he didn’t really race much last season.  In fact, […]

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