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Kershaw’s Volatility

A regular reader asked me over the weekend to comment on Devon Kershaw’s less than stellar opening race of the season. Specifically, he asked:  Kershaw seems like he’s one of the most volatile skiers on the WC circuit. Is this true? The question of how consistent (or not) various skiers are comes up fairly regularly. […]

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How’d We Do? USA/CAN Season Review 3

This week it’s the sprinter’s turn in the limelight, starting with the men. As you might imagine, there are quite a few more cheery topics when talking about North American sprinters. As before we’ll begin with a simple plot showing the number of results per race over time: The American men have seen a steady […]

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How’d We Do? USA/CAN Season Review 1

I think most people generally have a sense for how the past World Cup season went for the North Americans. What I’m going to do over the next few posts is to simply show some data that hopefully provides some context for what you already know. I’m going to split them into four posts for […]

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Tour de Ski Freestyle Sprint Recap

It was a banner day for North America, to be sure.  Let’s take a look at how the heats played out, starting with the semifinalists: I’ve removed Roger Aa Djupvik from the men’s plot, as he ran into a spot of difficulty in the quarters and packed it in for a very slow time.  It’ll […]

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Race Snapshots: TdS Freestyle Sprint

For some reason, this song has been running through my head all morning.  I wonder why?  Too bad Randall got tangled up in the final, though.

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TdS Classic Sprint: North Americans

Just a few short notes focusing on the North Americans in the classic sprint yesterday.  First the men: One thing that stands out to me is that Harvey was actually skiing slightly faster than Kershaw all day.  Of course, the differences are very small (~1 second), but it highlights how large an impact the make-up […]

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Davos Recap: Distance – North Americans

This recap is going to be fairly short.  I’m going to pass over Kris Freeman and Kikkan Randall, since neither had spectacular races but in neither case does it seem particularly significant to me.  Freeman reportedly was recovering from a cold and still managed a decent, but unimpressive race.  Randall had a legitimately bad race, […]

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