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Who’s Producing Fast Young Female Skiers?

Answer: Norway. And Russia. Looking forward to the upcoming season, I’m somewhat astounded by the number of talented young Norwegian women on the horizon. Here’s a quick snapshot of what I’m talking about. I took female skiers born no earlier than 1988 who did at least 3 FIS races last season, and averaged their best […]

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Finn Haagen Krogh: Northug 2.0?

Norwegian youngster Finn Haagen Krogh had an excellent weekend of racing at the World Cup Finals in Sweden recently. Here’s a look at his distance results (using FIS points) up to this point: He was having a pretty darn good season even before this last weekend, having moved his typical race down to (or just […]

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Race Snapshot: Drammen 10/15km Classic

Not such a hot day for the North Americans, sadly. Hopefully they’ll rebound for World Championships. A hearty congrats to Daniel Rickardsson and Marit Björgen, although some might say that they are now very unlikely to win a gold medal at World Champs. Oh well!

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WJC/U23 Assessment: Norway and Russia

Continuing on in the vein of my post yesterday recapping the WJC and U23 results for the last several years for the US and Canada, this post will do the same for Norway and Russia. As before, I’m plotting the finishing rank, or place, of each skier and then tracking the median result in red. […]

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Technique Preferences: Norway

The third in the series, looking at differences in performance in skating vs. classic races for particular nations.  We’ve already done Japan and Italy.  Now, by request, we have Norway. To avoid repeating myself, I’m going to skip much of the introduction and explanation for the methodology and graphs.  Go read the Italy post if […]

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NOW Is It Panic Time For The Norwegian Men’s Distance Team?

Back in September I wrote a post looking at the supposed woes of Norway’s male distance team.  The bottom line was that, yes, by various measures things haven’t been looking as good lately for the Norwegian men’s distance squad.  With the first period of racing completed, and more rumblings in Norway about their poor performance, […]

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Is It Panic Time For The Norwegian Men’s Distance Skiers?

There’s been some commentary over the last several years remarking that the Norwegian men, usually quite dominant, have been struggling to crush their competitors into tiny little pieces.  From the perspective of US skiing fans that might seem absurd, but for better or for worse, Norway has exceedingly high expectations. It occurred to me, though, […]

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