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Spain And Laura Orgue

I love the annual series FasterSkier does profiling each nation that scored nation’s cup points in the days before the World Cup begins. Usually by the time they reach Norway and Russia, I’m actually less interested, but the first week or so is a fun ride through nations with tiny, little known programs. First up […]

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US Biathlon Preview: Women

Now let’s turn to the US women biathletes.  The women haven’t managed to produce any results comparable to Tim Burke’s recent success, but there are a ton of young skiers it seems trying to change that.  I’ve noticed a lot of collegiate cross country skiers switching over (or maybe back) to biathlon after graduated, and […]

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US Biathlon Preview: Men

My previews for the US biathlon teams will be briefer, which reflects the fact that I know less about the US biathlon team, and biathlon in general.  Feel free to correct me in the comments if I get anything horribly wrong.  For example, I’m going to take a very simplistic approach to who’s actually on […]

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Canadian National Team Preview: Ivan Babikov & George Grey

I’m squeezing in the last preview post for the Canadian ski team just under the wire! For both Ivan Babikov and George Grey I’m going to focus in on the distance events.  They both certainly do sprints in stage events like the Tour de Ski, but I think it’s fair to say they both have […]

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Canadian National Team Preview: Chandra Crawford & Daria Gaiazova

Continuing with my previews (gotta get them out before Saturday!), we’ll move on to the Canadian women, or at least two of them. As has been noted elsewhere, since the retirement of both Beckie Scott and more recently, Sara Renner, the Canadian women haven’t had as much success as the men.  Let’s look at two […]

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Canadian National Team Preview: Alex Harvey & Devon Kershaw

I thought it only fair that I give our good neighbors to the north the same treatment as I did with the USST previews.  These will be a bit shorter on the gab, though.  We’ll start things off with Alex Harvey and Devon Kershaw. Both of these guys are probably more of a threat in […]

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USST Preview: Kris Freeman

Kris Freeman is simply the best distance skier in the US at the moment, male or female.  In fact, he probably has been for at least the past 4 years or so. Unfortunately, that means he’s under a lot of pressure to produce quality results, medals in particular.  That’s not terribly fair, in a cosmic […]

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