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WJC/U23 Preview: International

Now it’s time to take a look at some of the bigger nations track records at World Junior Championships and U23s. The graphs will be very similar to the ones I used in my post looking at the USA and Canada. I’m only going to look at results for Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia and Germany. […]

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WJC/U23 Preview: USA and Canada (con’t)

Of course, these being competitions focusing on junior skiers, they often are used as a proxy for signaling future performance. I’ve looked at various aspects of this in the past, but there are always new ways to approach this. What I’ve done here is to take the plots from earlier today and add information regarding […]

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WJC/U23 Preview: USA and CAN

World Junior and U23 Championships are just around the corner! The posts today will focus on the US and Canadian teams, subsequent posts will look at some of the other top nations. WJCs and U23s are rolled into the same week of racing, although they split up the results by age group. U23s in particular […]

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Japan’s Junior Skiers

I was reading FasterSkier’s profile of the Japanese World Cup skiers and a few people commented about how Japan had a good showing at World Juniors/U23s this past season.  Naturally that got me thinking about how little I know about these guys, so I thought I’d make some graphs. First up is a simple time […]

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Post-WJC/U23 Development: Norway

Continuing in my series of posts (see here and here) we move on to Norway.  This presents some problems, graphically, since as you might imagine there are many, many more Norwegians who’ve skied well at WJCs or U23s.  This means that if I simply recreate the graphs following my previous examples, they will likely be […]

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Another Look At Skier Variability

One of my articles for looked at variability in skier performance, particularly among elite World Cup skiers.  In truth, I kind of dashed that article off in a hurry simply because Kris Freeman happened to make a comment about the topic on his blog, and have always wanted to come back to the subject.

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What Does It Take To Win A Medal? (con’t)

We’re picking up from where we left off last time, so go check that out to get up to speed. What happens if instead of only looking at two groups (skiers reaching the podium, skiers not reaching the podium) we get a little more sophisticated and include more information? First, let’s just look to see […]

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