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{ Monthly Archives } November 2010

Marit Bjoergen’s Best Freestyle Race

Marit Bjørgen commented somewhere that her win at the WC opener in Gällivare, SWE was “the best skate race of her life”.  Sadly, I can’t find where I read that, otherwise I’d have a link for you.  Obviously, I found that kind of intriguing.  Let’s look at Bjørgen’s race in a bit more detail: This […]

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US Biathlon Preview: Men

My previews for the US biathlon teams will be briefer, which reflects the fact that I know less about the US biathlon team, and biathlon in general.  Feel free to correct me in the comments if I get anything horribly wrong.  For example, I’m going to take a very simplistic approach to who’s actually on […]

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Kuusamo WC Recap: North Americans

As always, there’s lots of stuff I could focus on, but we can’t have everything.  As is usually the case, the weekend was a bit of a mixed bag for the North Americans.  Kris Freeman continued to look quite strong despite some bad luck with his poles.  Alex Harvey and Devon Kershaw had much stronger […]

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Kuusamo WC Recap

This recap of this past weekend’s WC races will be a little different than before.  Rather than focus on individual performances, I’d like to look at the races as a group.  Stage race formats are relatively new to the cross country world, and these short stage races are even newer.  Since they are roughly modeled […]

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Race Snapshots: Kuusamo 10/15km Freestyle

Use some caution interpreting these, due to the unusual race circumstances today.  These graphs apply only to today’s freestyle portion of the Kuusamo races, and each skier’s percent back (and hence their FIS points) can be influenced by the race tactics on the course, since we were dealing with a pursuit-style start and people were […]

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Race Snapshots: Kuusamo Classic 5/10km

Another decent day for Kris Freeman and Kikkan Randall it seems: Full version below the fold (click on them to see the full size image):

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Week In Review: Friday Nov 26th

Happy Thanksgiving!  The racing season is off and running: We kicked things off with race snapshot graphs of the opening weekend World Cup races in Gällivare, Sweden, which I subsequently improved to include a focus on the particular technique used in that race.  Thanks to the several commenters who requested the change. I delved a […]