Animated WC Points Tracker

A little fun using the Google Charts API, R and my WC points spreadsheet. Both of these motion charts require Flash.

It shows the progression of WC points for the top 30 athletes or so throughout this season. Distance points are on the x axis and sprint point are on the y axis. This does not include the “general” points awarded for overall stage wins. My main complaint about the way they implemented this is that I can’t find a way to exert finer control over how the time steps proceed. This results in the appearance of WC points accruing slowly over several days in a lot of cases, when really the dots should remain perfectly still in a lot of those cases. (Or maybe I’ve just messed something up, I’ll keep working on it.) Men first and then the women. Other than requiring Flash, I’m not sure how these will react to various browsers; at the very least they may load somewhat slowly on occasion.

There are various menus and options you can play with, including the ability to select some specific people and having their dots leave a trail as they move.


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