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{ Monthly Archives } October 2011

Spain And Laura Orgue

I love the annual series FasterSkier does profiling each nation that scored nation’s cup points in the days before the World Cup begins. Usually by the time they reach Norway and Russia, I’m actually less interested, but the first week or so is a fun ride through nations with tiny, little known programs. First up […]

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Sprint Qualification Pacing Analysis

I’ll be the first to admit that sprinting doesn’t get as much love here at Statistical Skier.  To be honest, that’s probably my subconscious at work, as I have a stronger connection to distance events I suppose.  But it’s not terribly fair, so here is some World Cup sprint qualification analysis for all you sprint […]

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Male Long Distance Specialists

Continuing on from last time, we take a look at male long distance specialists. Recall I’m being all “fancy” here and using a fairly sophisticated modeling technique to identify skiers who tended to have better major international results at longer distances. If you’re familiar with any statistics, you can think of it as an extension […]

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First World Cup Race Results!

In alpine racing, that is! Fooled you, didn’t I? Like I said before, I’m not going to make a habit of posting about alpine racing, but since the season opener went fairly well for the US, I thought I might as well. So here are two race snapshot graphs, similar to those I’ve been making […]

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Female Long Distance Specialist – Majdic Follow-Up

A commenter noted that it was interesting that Petra Majdic showed up as being “statistically significantly” better at longer distance races (as opposed to sprint races), although just barely. It turns out this is a good example of the statistical concept of leverage. Check out the following graph that compares skiers at each end of […]

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Female Long Distance Specialists

Since we supposedly do statistics around here, the goal here will be to ‘statistically’ identify folks who specialize in longer distance races. By that I mean people who tend to ski better (relative to their own performance) in longer races. The fun part is to see whether the folks we single out match up with […]

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Head to Head: Bente Skari vs Stefania Belmondo

I haven’t done one of these in a while, so just for fun… This time let’s compare two great female skiers from the 90’s (and early 00’s), Norwegian Bente Skari and Italian Stefania Belmondo.  Unlike with Daehlie and Alsgaard, things are little more balanced for these two:

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