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{ Monthly Archives } December 2011

Race Snapshot: Tour de Ski Classic Sprint

Sounded like a messy, crash filled sprint today. Exciting stuff!

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Race Snapshot: Tour de Ski Pursuit

I sort of hesitate to post these, since as I expected this race format produces performance measures that are extreme outliers pretty much no matter what you do. Regular duathlon pursuits you can correct for somewhat, but these stage race two day affairs just always produce wacky looking results.

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Liz Stephen’s Distance Preferences

I was skimming FasterSkier’s write-up of the Tour de Ski prologue yesterday and noted their comment about how Liz Stephen “… is generally stronger over longer distances, performing better in 10k’s than 5k’s and even better still in 15k’s.” That has been my informal impression as well, but I was suddenly skeptical about whether her actual […]

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Race Snapshots: TdS Prologue

Count me among the folks who aren’t sold on the idea of prologues.

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European Mid-Season Review

This will just be a short note with similar graphs as last time, only for a few of the major European nations. Men’s Distance Sweden continues to generally improve. Note that in terms of top thirty performances, Norway has steadily declined over the years, but not among the top ten or better level. So they’ve […]

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North American Mid-Season Overview

During this lull before the Tour de Ski, I thought I’d show some graphs quickly summarizing how the US and Canada have fared thus far with some historical context. I think we all have a good sense of what’s going well (American women), what’s going not so well (American men) and what’s going OK (Canadian […]

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How will Jessie Diggins fare on the World Cup?

The only sure way to know, of course, is to wait a few weeks and see what happens when she gets to Europe. But there’s been some commentary from the peanut gallery about how dominant Diggins has been on the domestic circuit so far. This is one of those problems that FIS points are supposed to […]