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{ Monthly Archives } February 2013

Race Snapshot: Davos 10/15k Freestyle

The men’s race: The women’s race:

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Race Snapshot: Davos Classic Sprint

A short summary of these graphs can be found here. Men’s race: Women’s race:  

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Davos Seeding

I posted these a while back, but since the Davos races are just around the corner, I thought I’d put them up again so we can see just how wrong I am! Basically, I came up with a way to try to develop a somewhat more sophisticated “seeding” that takes into account the specific event […]

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Patience Is Not A Virtue

I’m going to do something stupid in this post. I’m going to disagree with someone who has likely forgotten more about the sport of XC skiing than I will ever know. It’s World Championship team selection time, and in North America that pretty reliably means some drama from the peanut gallery, represented here by the […]

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Davos Classic Sprint Field Handicap

I got some positive feedback about my tentative handicapping of the field for one of the WSC events, so I thought I’d sink some more time in it. I went back and changed the modeling technique rather dramatically to make it more flexible (and hopefully more accurate). But the basic idea is the same. In […]

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Handicapping WSC 10/15km Freestyle

I haven’t had as much time to pour into longer projects for posts this winter, so I really just slapped this together very quickly. I won’t get into too many of the technical details, but basically this is the result of a simple model that looks at people’s results given the length, technique and type […]

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Race Snapshot: Sochi 15/30km Pursuit

You can read a short description of these graphs here. Men’s race: Women’s race:

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