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Week In Review: Friday Sep 24th

My real job started up again this week, so there aren’t going to be very many 5-6 post’s per week happening for a while…

  • On Monday I shared some summary statistics on a whole bunch of skiers showing how often they finishing in the top 3, top 5, etc. over their entire careers.
  • The Vuelta a España wrapped up this past weekend, so I posted the final versions of the GC bump charts for the race.
  • We took a look at skiers who have specialized in a particular technique (classic or skating).  Most people do both types of races, but there are some people who really only focus on races of one technique…but they are pretty rare.
  • Since whining about commenters on is practically a cliche among the nordic community these days, I thought it would be funny to look at a word cloud for FasterSkier comments.  The internet kindly responded with one for this blog.  Huzzah!
  • The final career retrospective post went up today (finally!) taking a look at German biathlete Kati Wilhelm and her wonderful, wonderful red hair.

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