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FIS Point Trends In Olympic Medalists

A while back I responded to a reader requesting that I look into any connections between a skier’s performance at World Juniors and subsequent medal winning.  My conclusions there tended toward the ambiguous, since 2-4 races (from World Juniors) just isn’t a whole lot of information. But we can also just take medalists and look […]

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Are My Lists Of Improved Skiers Correlated With Age?

A commenter asked if there was a connection between my lists of improved and un-improved skiers and age. Easy enough to check, so let’s go to the tape. Here are the distance skiers: The y-axis (Improvement Index) has no units, so don’t try to interpret it. It’s just the mash-up of several ways of measuring […]

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Finn Haagen Krogh: Northug 2.0?

Norwegian youngster Finn Haagen Krogh had an excellent weekend of racing at the World Cup Finals in Sweden recently. Here’s a look at his distance results (using FIS points) up to this point: He was having a pretty darn good season even before this last weekend, having moved his typical race down to (or just […]

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What Happens To Successful World Junior Racers?

This post appeared on FasterSkier several months ago, but I never posted it here, I don’t think. With World Juniors and U23s wrapping up, it seemed relevant. I edited the text slightly so it will differ somewhat from the original version. These graphs do not include this year’s WJC results or any results from the […]

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How Old Are World Cup Skiers?

Sometimes it’s a good thing to ask basic questions that everyone thinks they know the answer to.  Sometimes you get surprising answers, sometimes not. So, how old are World Cup skiers? In general, World Cup skier ages tend to center around 25-26.  These distributions all have a slight right skew, which just means there tend […]

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Aging Ski Teams: Poland and Germany

Can you name a Polish men’s cross country ski racer?  Hmmm.  Poland has certainly been a one woman show of late, thanks to Justyna Kowalczyk. Which makes the following graph (a continuation of the graphs in this post) not terribly surprising: So here are some Polish men for you: Janusz Krezelok and Maciej Kreczmer.  Who […]

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Aging Ski Teams

I sort of just stumbled across these graphs accidentally.  If there’s a point to them, it might be that this is what happens when you have a small ski team that manages to produce a really, really fast skier (or two). You hold on to them for as long as humanly possible. First up, Estonia. […]

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