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Race Snapshot: Davos Freestyle Sprints

I could get used to this whole Kikkan winning thing…

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Race Snapshot: Davos 15/30km Freestyle

Interesting day. I may have to switch to using percent behind the median skier for these, though, if people keep winning these things by such large margins.

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Recap: Davos Sprint Con’t

One of the interesting things we can look at with sprint races is differences between the various heats themselves, rather than individual skiers.  Interestingly, reconstructing this information, namely who was in what quarterfinal or semifinal, using just the split times took a little bit of thought.  Not a monumental challenge, but it was a bit […]

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Recap: Davos Sprint

Once again thanks to Jan at for providing the split time data for the sprint races on Sunday.  Very different developments of heat times in this race compared to the last two sprint races.  Let’s check out the women first: Note that these are just the raw times from the heats, so it does […]

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Davos Recap: Distance – North Americans

This recap is going to be fairly short.  I’m going to pass over Kris Freeman and Kikkan Randall, since neither had spectacular races but in neither case does it seem particularly significant to me.  Freeman reportedly was recovering from a cold and still managed a decent, but unimpressive race.  Randall had a legitimately bad race, […]

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Davos Recap: Distance

I’ll have a separate post covering some of the North Americans tomorrow.  As usual, the choice of athletes to focus on is whatever strikes my fancy.  If you have suggestions/requests after each race, let me know in the comments of the race snapshot posts. The first thing I want to note about Saturday’s distance races […]

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Race Snapshot: Davos WC Sprint

Solid day for North America with 5 in the heats, and of course Kikkan’s second sprint podium of the season.  Just watched the video of the women’s final and there’s no question Kowalczyk changed lanes when she wasn’t supposed to.  Definitely hindered Randall, but I’m not sure she would have caught Follis.

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