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OPA + Scandinavian Cup FIS Points Follow-Up

I started writing an answer to a comment to Monday’s post, but it started getting long, so I thought I’d make it a short post, instead. Basically, the question was how can the points be so different between OPA and Scandinavian Cup races when the penalty calculation methods is exactly the same. Recall that these […]

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Accuracy of FIS Points In OPA Cups vs Scandinavian Cups

Some comments on a recent post got me curious about the FIS points awarded at OPA Cup races. Similarly to my commenters, I’d noticed that oftentimes the top skiers at an OPA Cup race would receive very low (i.e. good) points for that race, and that this often wouldn’t seem to match up well with […]

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Predicting World Cup FIS Points (con’t)

On various occasions I have looked at FIS point race penalties, in a very general, roundabout way.  Most recently, I looked at whether the FIS points you get in a non-World Cup race accurately reflect what you would have scored if you had raced in a World Cup race. The answer appeared to be: kind of.  At […]

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Younger USST Member Tracking

The USST has expanded somewhat, adding several younger skiers. Acknowledging that FIS points are only a small piece of performance assessment, it has interested me that at various times USST staff have mentioned comparing skiers’ FIS points to medalists, or some other group of top skiers. So here are two graphs showing the younger US […]

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FIS Points Development Guide

Pete Vordenberg and Bryan Fish have an intriguing post up over at NCCSEF about the FIS point profiles of the top ten skiers in the world. The intention is to give developing skiers a rough tool to use to gauge their progress against the development paths of the best skiers in the world. The FIS […]

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North American Race Penalties Over Time

Previously, I discussed the differences in race penalties between North America and Europe.  Now we’ll continue with a really quick look at how race penalties have changed over time in North America. This will be really short and sweet, so here’s the graph: So clearly, this only goes back around 10 seasons (and doesn’t include […]

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Nicole Fessel Update

After taking a bit of a break from the high profile races through January, Nicole Fessel popped up again this past weekend at the OPA Cup races in Italy. I’ve noted earlier that she started this season with quite a bang, and she picked right up where she left off, winning both the sprint and […]

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