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{ Monthly Archives } September 2010

How Often Can You Go Fast?

No pretty pictures this time, folks, sorry!  Instead a couple of regular old sortable tables.  No grand lesson here, just a simple question: how often can the best skiers in the world ski fast enough to finish in the top 3?  The top 10?  And so on.  (I apologize that some of the column headers […]

Week In Review: Friday Sep 17th

Here’s what’s been happening at Statistical Skier this week: There’s another doping story in the news, providing plenty of red meat for commentary.  I humbly contributed some graphs of Pankratov’s results over the years, which hopefully provides some context for his ability level and career. Yeah, there’s some big bike race not in France still […]


Career Retrospective: Vincent Defrasne

Vincent Defrasne is a French biathlete who retired this year (only one more of these after this one, I promise!).  I can find nine podium finishes throughout his career, including a gold at the Turin Olympics (12.5km pursuit) and a bronze at the 2007 World Biathlon Championships.  In addition to these individual accomplishments, he’s been a […]

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Mystery Skier Revealed!

The mystery skier in question is currently active (i.e. not retired) and has reached the podium in at least one WC, OWG or WSC race per season for 11 straight seasons.  This is the longest currently active podium streak that I am aware of. I provided some graphs to help:

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Who Is This Mystery Skier?

The following graphs are the results for a currently active cross country skier who has the longest active streak of at least one podium finish (WC, OWG, WSC) in a distance event in each season.  Their streak currently stands at 11 seasons. The ages on the x axis should narrow it down a ton, obviously. […]

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Vuelta a España Update: Stage 16

Another rest day in the Vuelta yesterday gave me another chance to update the GC bumps plots.  See my first post on the Vuelta for an explanation of the colors and stuff. Click through for a full version of the GC by team graph below. [ad#AdBriteBanner]

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Doping: Nikolai Pankratov Edition

So the big news in XC over the last few days has obviously been Russian skier Nikolai Pankratov being caught with some, shall we say, suspicious materials.  The first thing I do when I hear things like this are of course to look up his results like the last time…

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